About Us

Light is perhaps one of the most important inventions in our world today. It is among the breakthroughs that allow people to see better and to make their everyday lives as easier as possible. With the help of lights, their work is made easier and faster. They are not prone to committing mistakes which is normally the case for those whose environment is not well-lighted. Also, their visions are protected.

MSI is a company that is created during the 90’s. It was started by Johannes Eisenberg who always strived to be an inventor back when he was young. He created simple inventions that always caused fascination with his parents. From things that can help them in their daily lives, up to breakthroughs that became helpful to his parents in the long run, he managed to do this back when he was young. But it was the lights and their function in which his obsession stuck. He wanted to develop a lighting system that is not only cheap but also lasting. He was aware of the fact that not many artificial light sources nowadays last. So this is what he was trying to work on.

He establishes this company back in his college years together with his best friend. Since then, we have already continuously developed new technology that can improve further the light that we already have nowadays. We have already helped many company and customers by providing them with a better lighting system that help them to do their jobs better. What more is that the inventions that we do here is now gaining international recognition. How do you find lights that are 70% brighter than your usual but cost 35% less? Convenient, isn’t it? That is the kind of products that we provide here. You can even much more saving in it because for the usual price of 3, you can get one more.

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