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CrimpFin™ Heat Sink

CrimpFin™ Heat Sink

Thermal Management is critical to ensure long life of LED’s and electronics. The  new Z series of products utilizes a CrimpFin™ design that dramatically increases the surface area and the thermal transfer efficiency. As shown in this illustration, this technique allows for a cooler product that is much lighter than the aluminum die cast designs often seen in the marketplace. The New ZPAR has the ultimate combination of patented thermal management and LED efficacy – and a benefit of this is the reduction in heat sink surface necessary to cool the ZPAR – resulting in a staggering 44% reduction in overall weight of the product. At 236g, the ZPAR is the lightest LED PAR lamp available today.

Custom Optics

Custom Optics

The custom optics in MSi lamps are specifically designed and engineered for accent and spot lighting applications. These optics feature high CBCP to spot merchandise without loss of peripheral light or wide beam angles, and smooth lambertian patterns to meet the general lighting needs without any watermarks, shadows or lines.



At the heart of all MSi products are electronics that are built to deliver maximum efficiency while supporting an aggressive warranty program of five years with a life of 50,000 hours. The dimmable versions of the products use a two stage regulator that allow for Power Factor that is greater than 0.95 while providing more efficient control of LEDs. A microcontroller in the product identifies the dimmer type and implements algorithms that ensure proper operation in applications using multiple dimmers.

Luxeon MZ

Performance LED Chip

MSi features the highest quality custom binned LED’s in their products. MSi only uses the highest quality LED’s available today in both brightness and reliability with efficient, environmentally friendly LED’s. The new ZPAR’s feature the industry’s brightest, highest-performance lighting-class LED., with breakthrough light output and lumens per watt efficacy, MSi and our LED chip partners have designed a line of commercial grade performance products tailor-made for very high-lumen indoor commercial applications.


Custom PCB

MSi creates only custom PCB’s in house. We use all of the latest proprietary conductive materials and conduct extensive optical and electrical tests and inspections with 100% production traceability. We use the latest high temperature long life capacitors in all of our commercial grade products.


MSi Miner's Lamp
MSi started more than a decade ago in the mining industry, and today is the world leader in solid-state lighting technology for miner’s cap-lights. MSI has provided hundreds of thousands of LED mine lighting products to the gold and platinum mines throughout the world. We created the solution for thousands of miners who daily found themselves two miles underground, in dark, harsh conditions with a heavy battery attached to a hot halogen light inches from their heads. Today, these miners sport a brighter, clearer, longer-lasting LED cap light that gives off virtually no heat and performs consistently for an entire 24-hour shift – and BEYOND. MSi’s cap lamp is the most sought-after light under the world – but now we’re also one of the most sought after brands on top of the world! Since 2005, MSi has remained focused in one core area – accent spot and flood lighting – and focused on a select group of target trade channels – particularly in the areas of retail, hospitality, furniture, museum and commercial, with the strategy of garnering sales through the re-lamping of existing targets with simple screw-in opportunities with our portfolio of products.

MSi has secondary targets of collaborating with designers and architects, securing Military and Government contracts through our GSA schedule, introducing MSi products to International distributors and bringing the products to small and mid-size businesses through our extensive distributor network. In 2012, MSi won the prestigious INC 500 award as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in America, and in 2013 received an equity investment from 3M.

We have carefully cultivated a brand that speaks to quality, performance, patented features including our optic, heat sink and all-in-one T8 tube, and commitment to commercial grade performance lighting. We translate best to the end user who requires optimum lighting to sell products. Whether it is a mannequin, a furniture piece or a display of merchandise, if the end user relies on lighting to enhance and accent their products – no LED light outperforms MSi. Our message is focused and consistent. Our product is superior and patented, and our strategy is to be considered the leader in this category – and we believe we are well on our way to achieving this objective.


“I am amazed by the color and crispness of the MSi products. They have made a huge difference in our showroom.”
-National Furniture retailer
“We have converted every one of our stores to LED with MSi. The stores are brighter and the merchandise looks fabulous. Thank you MSi. We’re delighted.”
Retail store executive
“Thank you, Thank You, Thank you!. WOW. I never knew my restaurant could look so good. Your LED lights have made all the difference.”
-Restaurant Chain COO
“ Believe me, we tested ALL of the LED lamps, and then chose MSi. They have a smoother light and no shadows or watermarks. The quality of the light seems to be superior to everyone else’s.”
World renowned Museum Curator
“I don’t know why anyone is still undecided on LED. Our stores are brighter, cooler and our power bill has been cut in half. It’s been a no-brainer.”
Entrepreneur and retail owner

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