MSi LED Lighting Delivers Huge Savings for Shaw Floors Retailers

Shaw Floors Showrooms Replacing 90 watt Hot Halogen Spotlights with 50,000 hour, 12 watt LED’s. Annual Energy and Maintenance Savings into the Millions!

Boca Raton FL (November 17, 2014) From the bottom line to the top of the ceiling, hundreds of Shaw Floors Showrooms across the country are about to be a bit brighter and much greener thanks to a program unveiled this week with MSi LED lighting.

MSi Lighting and Shaw Floors are launching a national upgrade to LED program for all their retailers, dramatically improving the quality of light in the showroom, while reducing the energy consumption by more than 70%. The MSi ZPAR’s have been installed in thousands of furniture & flooring showrooms, including Macy’s Furniture Gallery, Thomasville & Drexel-Heritage, Arhaus Furniture, Ashley Furniture, Rooms To Go and RC Willey. Showroom’s 90-watt halogen spotlights are being replaced with 12 -watt ZPAR LED lights. The conversion is a simple matter of unscrewing the old lights and screwing in the new ones, but the results are immediate and dramatic. Unlike hot burning halogen lights, the extremely efficient LED lights produce virtually no heat, last 20X longer and use a fraction of the energy. The savings are staggering, and Shaw is at the forefront of making this important conversion. “Many retailers are a little concerned about the initial investment of converting to LED lighting,” said John Burke, MSi President, “But if they take the time to run the numbers, they’ll see that switching over produces an amazing return on their investment.”

It’s more than just saving watts. Additional savings are realized in the lower maintenance and replacement cost for LED lighting. The typical 90-watt halogen light burning 12 hours a day will need to be replaced approximately every four months. The 12-watt LED PAR burning 12 hours a day will last for up to 13 years. When you have a flooring showroom with 100 spot lights – as many as 20 halogens are burned out at any time. This problem goes away!

MSi has also forged quite a niche in the furniture & flooring industry. Shaw Floors, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer and leading floor covering provider, is offering a shared container program and rebate and installation assistance with its retailers on MSi. Shaw’s Aaron John, the Director of The Shaw Flooring Retail Network adds, “The MSi PAR lamp is perfect for flooring & carpet. It accents pieces and spots carpet better than any other light, and we’re delighted to be assisting our members in bringing this new technology, and these savings to their showrooms.”

For more information, contact MSi at 888.778.9864